why does clienting come first?



putting clients first and paving the way
for their success is our ambition


In the international, digital and agile company environment of today working with clients is becoming an art.
Not only is it the basis for every clients success – it is at the heart of why companies exist!

Digital information asyncrony is challenging small, medium and global companies in the B2B environment
in every sales opportunity. Market players who only get the operational basics right are rarely winners.

Those companies who understand to create competitive advantage fast will be the future winners.
The hyper-competitive environment of tomorrow requires dynamic clienting © capabilities.

We work with you to develop them – together.


We are putting clients first because they are the reason why we exist. We are no consultants – we are entrepreneurs. Different to our competition.

We have no standards to offer, because you are unique. Our offers to you are never identical, they are as unique as you are in your efforts to succeed in your market. We do not offer standards rates – we do offer unique business cases instead.

Our brand is our duty – we do not discuss how to potentially do a transformation project. We do the transformation for you! This because we have the capabilities to do so – and because every one of us feels a very personal gratification if our clients succeed. We help moving businesses to the next level – so you gain a competitive advantage in your markets fast – today and in the future.

We do create enduring impacts!

beyond advice

We have proven trackrecords. This enables us to go beyond – we have done what you are asking for and can do it again for you.

True transformation is a passion and an art – it requires entrepreneurs with leading personal capabilities and skills, a lot of pre-work and relevant experience. True advice helps to achieve, it enables and guides. It needs to be applicable as well as practicable. This is why we joined headlights – so we can go beyond the normal.

Headlights® provides not only true advice – we also do not rest before the advice has been put into effect and measurable client value has been created. We go beyond!


Headlighters are entrepreneurs with a belief, personal engagement and the view for relevant societal, innovative and profitable trends.

Our team depends on entrepreneurship – all teammembers are having very unique capabilities, experiences and characters. We unite for our clients to help achieve their visions.

With a high social competence, tolerance and unprejudiced respect for others we master our projects.

We do not have „pyramids“ to sell – we bring experienced entrepreneurs helping to solve your problems or grasping new opportunities for your business.

why beyond?

Obstacles are those frightful things you
see when you take your eyes off the goal.
Henry Ford


Doing things like they have always been done is just not good enough in our digital future. We believe in change, innovation and transformation as the only constants – of products, services, business models, experiences. Probably of everything.

Our help is focussed on topics which are on every boards agenda – but we do not stop in the boardroom, we go and do operationalise strategy either together with multifunctional client teams or alone – also in those areas surrounding the key topics.

Going beyond is not only fun for us – it is the way to create true return for our clients.


We go beyond as we have all personally experienced what happens if you do not!

We do not stop to challenge and question – we drive for results to achieve more value for you.

Our brand is our duty – we find out before we challenge, we do question with ideas and we work with you – and enable you to find your own solutions.

We transform businesses – enduring impacts will only be achieved if you go beyond.
Not by doing the normal, not by doing what everybody else does.

beyond advice

Operationalizing advice is difficult – it requires the right skills and capabilities and an open mind. That is why headlights is working with true professionals only – those who are especially certified and passionate for what they do.

Our entrepreneurs are highly motivated – but still very individually educated. For you we build the best team of our owners and from our network. So we can truely present the best team for your individual challenge or opportunity.

We have been turning down project requests because we did not see enough value being created for our clients. We will be challenging the initiators to re-write the business case in order to create more value through their activity.


Our team depends on entrepreneurship – all teammembers are having very unique capabilities, experiences and characters. We unite for our clients to help achieve their visions.

With a high social competence, tolerance and unprejudiced respect for others we master our projects.

We do not have „pyramids“ to sell – you do get experienced entrepreneurs helping to solve your problems or grasping new opportunities for your business.

We do not only provide advice – we do.

what is profitable growth?

You can come up with the best strategy in the world
– the implementation is 90 percent of it.
Alfred Brittain


Profitable growth rarely has only one source. Company growth today has many sources – the right market, the right opportunity, the right people, the right business model and of course the right clients to name just a few.

But how do you reach effectively and efficiently those clients? How do you stay relevant for them? How do you make the most of your marketing budget – and whom will you reach how in todays world? Can you measure it? When and How?

We help answering, designing, targeting and transforming traditional ways of working with clients. Dynamic Clienting © is an enterprise wide capability – not just of those who face the clients. We do work with your team to be more successful – through the right strategy, the right enablement and the right support structures.

We operationalize your growth plan – top to bottom line.


We are working with leading Universities and International Institutes in this field to create enduring clienting moments. With our network we do provide the right algorithms and software tool driven analytics to move you to the next level.

Achieving value is key for profitable growth – internally and externally. Yet many companies turn too late to the right value concept. We do help understand how to do it, how to get there and work with your teams to improve both – personal and company wide clienting activites. Sustainably.

Our work goes far beyond typical operational improvement work. We do regard these as the basis for the right clienting enablement. A system never creates sucess on its own. It requires different ways of thinking, different understandings and not least has to foster different behaviors – especially in front of clients.

We help transforming clienting activities – not by doing what everybody else does.

beyond advice

Profitable growth activities require us to understand your detailed financial plans – broken down to every piece of your business. We work with you through the budgeting cycle to create challenging yet achieveable plans – and seemlessly go into execution – together with your teams.

Surprisingly few companies achieve their clienting and marketing plans in a way that you can truely measure the impact. We do have the capabilities, algorithms and tools to do so. This helps adjusting directions should activities not show the right performance – early, not only when the year is coming to an end.

We developed unique ways to increase performance and client value – and will implement for you.



Arnd Niehausmeier is the expert on this topic. With his personal track record and team of marketing, sales, account management and innovation management experts – he achieves normally higher than empirically tested growth rates of 9-21% in his client engagements.

„It is the uniqueness of our capabilities and experience that sets us apart form the competition. You will not get a junior team and one experienced individual. You will get personalities who have driven performance before, have changed organisations for growth and achieved new levels of teaming and client innovation. With a high social competence, tolerance and unprejudiced respect for others we master our projects. We do not have „pyramids“ to sell – you do get experience.“

what is digital re-structuring?

We have met the enemy –
and he is us!
Walt Kelly


Digital transformation is everywhere. The obsessive trend and MUST to transform to the digital age has however already led to misunderstandings, wrong investments and digital activities not connected to corporate strategies.

That is why we offer Digital Re-structuring activities to correct what has gone wrong or what is not yielding the results originally envisioned.

We answer your questions, design, target and re-structure your digital activities in a way that tradition does not get forgotten but better ways will get recognized and used. We do work with your teams to re-structure in a way cultural advantages will sustainably be carried forward.

Additionally – we educate your team in our academy so they can sustainably react to the future requirements in the digital arena.


We are working with leading Universities, International Institutes and the Digital Elite to create enduring digital moments.

Achieving digital value is key for digital strategies. The alignment with the overall corporate plan and business model a must.

Digital natives tend to overlook entrepreneurial achievements and operational necessities. Digital Re-structuring – not Digital Transformation – is our way of working.

Traditions, cultures and clients of firms are assets to be well integrated into the new digital agenda. Communication as well as messaging need alignment, yet having to reach traditional as well as new clients and consumers.

We implement the new digital age in your company – but not for the sake of technology.

We do help to grow your business.

beyond advice

Digital re-structuring activities require us to understand your past, current and future business model.
AND your traditions.

We work with your experts through process and technological requirements. We do align with your business needs – and your teams capabilities.

Few companies achieve their business objectives and digital agenda the same time. The key success factor is the right cross functional team performance.

The experience we bring helps overcoming organisational silos. We fosters cross functional and cross industry innovation. It leads to clarity and measurable results – through new ways of working which can easily be understood and followed.



Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth is the expert on this topic. He has an impressive trackrecord of research and doing. With his team of experts as well as through our network of digital drivers he outperforms competition.

„It is the uniqueness of our capabilities and experience that sets us apart form the competition. You will not get a junior team and one experienced individual. You will get personalities who have driven digitisation before, have changed organisations and achieved new levels of understanding, teaming and client innovation. With a high social competence, tolerance and unprejudiced respect for others we master our projects. It is important to not forget the existing digital divide in companies but help making it forgotten.“

what is crisis management?

If you really want something you`ll find a
way; if you don`t, you find an excuse.


The B2B World consists of Accounts, Programmes and Projects. They are everywhere.
Enterprises of all sizes run dedicated activites to achieve certain outcomes – cross all functions.
Yet, depending on the source of publication,  40-80%* of all started programmes and projects either fail (do not complete) or do not reach envisioned benefits, and ever so often “client accounts” are in trouble.

Our expertise in crisis management activities helps us to understand the challenges and enables us to bring such accounts, programmes and projects out of the crises back on track. Starting with a short review activity we help achieving the original business case – rarely we do have to exchange a team that is running the project.

Our methodology enables us to re-gain the financial as well as management stability quickly. We do align the people working to achieve the common goal and achieve the necessary leadership sponsorship and support for the teams to be successful.

* Forrester Research, McKinsey, Gartner research, www.thestandishgroup.com, and others.


We are working with leading Universities, International Institutes and leading practitioners to create fast and enduring project and programme turnarounds.

As a company of entrepreneurs we are truly independant. We report objectively on the performance of projects.

Our method enables us to gain high quality information quickly. We help re-structuring the project for success – usually reporting to the board sponsor of the project.

We bring the benefits.

beyond advice

Project crisis management requires not only the right analytical and programme management know how. It requires personalities who also understand the people tragic behind project failures. This dimension is being overlooked ever so often.

Our entrepreneurs in this area have the relevant background and personal experience of how to get projects back on track – including the current team members!

We offer quick project reviews, out-of-crisis-roadmaps and project leadership coaching. In addition we can also take over the re-covery activities for you and drive clear business results.



Matthias Hanitsch is our expert on this topic. With his team he has turned every project into a success. His more than 20 years in critical business project environments have made him one of the international experts on this topic.

„It is the uniqueness of our capabilities, methods and experience that sets us apart from the competition. We all have early on in our careers experienced how it feels to loose a project, to hit a wall. We have learned to make this mistake only once – and now we can coach early enough in the project lifecycle and help to avoid the mistakes we made. There is enough institutes out there that explain how to do good project management – but none that really explains how to get well managed projects out of the basement again and to re-motivate the project team“.

what are future business models?

In most organisations the future does
not have a lobby.
Ronald Henkoff


Future business models – the mere discussion about them – is a challenge for many executives. As it jeopardises the current status quo. As it leads to change. In the best sense this requires the definition of future capabilities and personalised, individual roadmaps.

Our expertise does not stop at the level of future model development nor at the theoretical discussion about the right business model. We all have worked internationally and do understand business complexities which are now being challenged by the digital opportunity. New market entrants are killing competitive advantage.

We combine cross industry innovation and digital necessities of tomorrows world – today.

We coach on the way or work with your team to implement the new model.


Our proposals rest on relevant industrial trends, underlying digital and technological developments.

Our expertise in various company forms enables us to evaluate future trends, implementation advice and risk influences.
We do provide implementation strategies – operationalized.

With our possible future scenarios we model a sound foundation for thorough business decisions.

Our direct involvement or coaching activities do ensure successful implementations.

beyond advice

We are teaming with leading universities, international institutes and our partner network. Future business models of today have to be based on sound digital aspirations which are implementable.

Some companies tend to forget processes which are already established. They add to the digital newness and are creating competitive advantage in the new market environment – and challenge newcomers.

We are happy to implement for you the decided way forward or help in your implementation efforts.


All members of our Partner team have led re-structuring and re-modelling activities. In the early years the offshoring debates began, Shared Service Centres and Competence Centres were built and in some cases re-integrated during the next generations of these structural company activities. E-Commerce and e-business nneded top be integrated at that time. Todays world is even more complex – and faster.

„We do help operationalize your strategy – by actively driving for results and creating additional value. I have seen re-structurings and future orientations fail – not because the people doing it were not qualified. Simply because the underlying business case got forgotten in the operational hectic of the project. And because a shortterm activity did get priority.“ Arnd Niehausmeier

headlights® academy

Partnerships with leading universities enable your teams for the future. Special courses underline our services – offsite or inhouse. Great speakers and leading implementers provide premium insights. Please do contact us for details and company specific requests.

Growth Camps

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Digital Re-structuring Camps

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Crisis Management Camps

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Future Business Model Camps

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